Kapalai Island

Kapalai, at the edge of the Ligitan Reef, has been little more than a sand bank. It‘s shallow reef on the protected north end, sloping from just beneath the surface to approximately 20 meters, is teeming with fish life in all colors, and the sharp eyes of our dedicated dive masters can help you to spot such incredible critters like clown frogfish, mandarin fish, nudibraches, flambuoyant cuttlefish, mantis shrimp to name but a few.

At the southern end of the reef a slope runs down to just about 12m where a long but narrow sandy area is a favorite hiding place for sting rays and turtles can be found resting at coral formations to both sides. By venturing further out to the deep end sightings of whitetip reef sharks are also common. Kapalai can be reached from Semporna within approximately 40 minutes.