Mantabuan Island

Mantabuan is a volcanically formed and mostly submerged island that is paradise for divers who want to see magnificent coral and with unsurpassed visibility. It is also one of the best islands in the area for manta rays, and devil rays can often be found in the blue as well. The Black Coral Garden, this rare and precious coral can be found in just 22 meter of waters. In addition to the black coral, pristine soft coral and large table coral can be found throughout the entirety of the island. Huge coral boulders in the shallow provide shelter to a large number of marine lives, including myriad nudibranches, painted lobster, blue-spotted ribbon rays, and thousand upon thousand of reef fish. Dive sites further to the north and west of the island on the other hand are great to look for turtles, barracudas and a wide variety of smaller critters.